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Named after Hawaii’s state fish, Humuhumunukunukuapua'a, this Hawaiian thatch-roof restaurant floats on a lagoon overlooking Wailea Beach and Maui's spectacular sunsets.

Chef Mike Lofaro’s menu features his Modern Hawaii Seasonal cuisine with an emphasis on cultural awareness. At the forefront of Hawaii’s culturally conscious food movement, Chef Mike brings sustainable sensitivity to his award-winning menu highlighting Hawaii’s bounty and rich cultural history. His inspiration comes from his time in the ocean spearfishing, paddling canoe and surfing.

Enjoy an evening of dinner and drinks with spectacular ocean sunsets.

Table 70

A unique way to experience Chef Mike’s signature flavors is at Table 70, the most coveted table in the restaurant for its secluded setting jutting out over the lagoon apart from the main dining room and uninterrupted views of the marvelous Maui sunset. 

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Our guests will find Chef Mike takes an intriguing new approach to his cuisine, HumuHumu has been voted Maui's Best Resort Restaurant and Most Innovative Menu, and Chef Mike was voted Best Chef and Man of the Moment by local Hawaii media.

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